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Tekstvak: Synopsis:

A small group of motor riders call themselves 'Knights of The Light'. 
They are very good Martial-ARTists, teachers and scientists. Strong, creative and smart. They have bundled their strengths to fight evil and corruption in this society.

Their mission is to bring wisdom, strength and truth to everyone; 
bring balance back and help people be open minded and open hearted.

The story takes place in present time and in western society. 
Who says the dark ages are history; they haven't ended yet!
The Knight of the light would like to change this. 
They want to enlighten people, teach them and make them see and think clearly again.

At first they 're a small group of three, but soon the group will expand.
Besides teaching  they are eager to keep learning, which keeps them growing stronger and wiser.

Teaching will make more people aware and  join the group, and make the movement bigger.
The dark ones panic. They start to fight them, and the Knights are forced to fight back. The dark ones won't stop until they have won. 
The ever growing group of Knights of The Light use all their resources to fight back.

Tekstvak: A Martial-ARTs TV Film/Pilot and possible TV Series.
With lots of realistic action, stunts and genuine Martial-ARTs.
Nice action entertainment with a peaceful message.